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P2000 G3 discover hosts won't delete!

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P2000 G3 discover hosts won't delete!

I have a 8GB fiber P2000 G3 running version TS250R021.


The problem is hosts that have been previous discovered cannot be removed even after the host is gone and the zoning is no longer in place.


The way I have it setup is I have two c7000 enclosures that connect via fiber to two Brocade 200E fiber switches which Port A on module1&2 plug into the top brocade switch and Port B on module 1&2 plug into the bottom brocade switch.

I have verified these "discovered" hosts are no longer in the zoning or name server information of my brocade 200E switches.


However! When I delete the hosts they just come right back! I've reached 64 hosts and need to clear alot of these out but it just won't let me.


Hopefully this can be accomplished without rebooting the SAN