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P2000 MSA 6Gb SAS Scrub errors

Oliver Schluga
Occasional Contributor

P2000 MSA 6Gb SAS Scrub errors


Our MSA, Firmware FS200R021, reports the following errors:

A934/207: Scrub fails on vdisk, Number of parity mismatches found: 2

A939/21: Vdisk verification faild. Command faild. (error code 1) 2 errors found.

The vdisk status is FTOL, all disks health is ok. There are no other errors.

As in Event Descriptions Reference Guide described we want to fix these errors.

We log into MSA using manage and execute the following command:

verify vdisk vd01 fix yes

The MSA reports:

Error: invalid or ambiguous parameter fix found.
Error: The command had an invalid parameter or unrecognized parameter. - Invalid or ambiguous parameter found: fix

How can we fix this error?

Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: P2000 MSA 6Gb SAS Scrub errors


Looks like you are not using the correct syntax.

From the reference guide about the 'fix':

"For details about using this parameter, including the required pass code".

So looks like this is not something you should do by yourself. As far as I remember, you should be careful when using the verify fix.

I would suggest contacting HP Support to get clarifications about this.

Has the error increased or have they stayed at two? If so, maybe a fsck on the file system would be worth trying as well.