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P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

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P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

Kust implementing a P2000 FC/iSCSI SAN and have a oouple of questions.

The P2000 documentation states maximum number of vDisks per controller is 16.

If I had 10 vDisks per controller and 1 controller failed would the remaining controller only be able to bring 16 of the vDisks online and the other four would be inacessible ?

If I created a RAID50 vDisk does this appear as a single vDisk or would it count each RAID5 group in the RAID50 as a seperate vDisk + 1 vDisk for the RAID50 itself ?


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Re: P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

Ans1. Straight from Guide: In a dual-controller system, when a controller fails, the partner controller assumes temporary ownership of the failed controllerâ s virtual disks and resources.

But not sure for how long it can manage that much load. You may wana check with HP for the same.

Ans2. For user it is one vdisk of raid50 but internally there will be sub-vdisks. But you don't have to worry about them. Thats internal process.

For more details info you may refer Ref. guide or user manual.

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Re: P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

Be careful, don't mix up vdisks and volumes.

A vdisk in a P2000 is NOT the same as a vdisk in EVA!

According to the manual the P2000 can have up to 16 vdisks per controller, each with up to 128 volumes.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

@ Torsten: Thanks for your concern but I am aware with it :)

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Re: P2000 Maximum Number of vDisks

The follpowing document will give you full information on Vdisk and Raid.