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P2000: One large RAID6 array?

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P2000: One large RAID6 array?

Hi, I have another project that requires lots of storage for online internet data backup. I’m thinking about the p2000 iSCSI LFF with 12 2TB drives. I’m a bit nervous to create one big 12 drive RAID6 array, but I would lose 4TB by creating two RAID6 arrays versus one. My thoughts behind choosing RAID6 is the 2TB drives are midline (MDL) drives and the risk of losing a 2nd while rebuilding an array is higher.

I don't think RAID6 write performance would be a bottle neck since the internet connection is 30Mbps, which would limit the amount of data needing to be written to disk at any given second (am I looking at that right?)

Would there be benefits in using two 6 drive RAID6 arrays versus one 12 drive RAID6 array?

Re: P2000: One large RAID6 array?

Always good to have redundancy in vdisk level.

If the visk having 12 drives will have any issue in vdisk level your entire data gone (suppose parity is not helping or some other issue)

But if you have 2 visk having 6 drives each and any issue occures and one of your vdisk faiiled still you can save some data from another vdisk.

All that I can say this is some kind of consultation required with experts.

And this is also depends on the customer requirement.

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Re: P2000: One large RAID6 array?

One large Raid 6 array:
10 data + 2 Parity
Capacity Utilization: 10/12 = 83.3%
Fault Tolerance: 2 Disk fault at the same time

2 small Raid 6 Array:
(4 Data + 2 Parity) + (4 Data + 2 Pairty)
Capacity Utilization: (4+4)/12 = 66.6%
Fault Tolerance: 4 Disk fault at the same time(2 in each array)

Anyway, I always create 1 large Raid 6 array with 11 drivers and leave one driver as the hot spare.
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Re: P2000: One large RAID6 array?

Hello everyone,


I read somewhere that for RAID 6 you should use an even number of disk.

Can someone confirm that the P2000 should work fine with 2x11 disks in RAID6 and 2 spares ?


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