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P2000 Remote replication limitiation

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P2000 Remote replication limitiation


Can anyone tell me if the 16 volume limit on Remote Snap replication has been lifted in T240xxx of the firmware. I have a client on T230P03 who would like to replicate 24 volumes but is currently limited to only 16.


The replication is being done by Remote Snap software (full licence) and works fine for the 16 volumes configured but when he tries to configure the 17th he gets an error. HP have confirmed this is due to the 16 lun limitiation but 16 seems very low in this age. I can see the P2000 now supports 'many to 1' replication but I can only think this will make matters worse if the target P2000 can only accept 16 in total - Or is it 16 volumes per source array??


many thanks