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P2000 with ESX 4.1 volume

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P2000 with ESX 4.1 volume


I'm currently setting a 4.1 infra with a P2000 24TB 10GBE iscsi unit.

After reading the best practises for the P2000 i'm kinda stuck.

HP is stating:

"In order to get the maximum sequential performance from a vdisk, you should only create one volume per vdisk. Otherwise you will introduce randomness into the workload when multiple volumes on the vdisk are being exercised"

My minimum LUN is in all cases 2TB (4x500GB disk) raid 5 set. About 1.5TB netto.

That brings me in a situation that it saying that it's best practise to create only 1 volume (vmfs) per vdisk. that means a VMFS volume of 1.5TB
Now i always used the x round((maxVMs * avgSize) + 20% (10 a 15 VM's per VMFS volume) and never used volumes bigger that 750GB. Assuming that is VMware best practise. HP is saying only use one volume per vdisk that brings me @ 1.5TB per VMFS volume.

Now is there any reason to NOT use a 1.5 VMFS volumes with alot of sequentiele data? Is the "500GB till 750GB" still modern in the current storage world?