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P4000G2 any good for databases?

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P4000G2 any good for databases?


At the moment we run all our databases on DAS.
We are thinking about moving to a storage network so we can gain some flexibility and use storage replication for DR. We probably won't run under a hypervisor. Our database (Progress 9&10) are not that big, ranging from 10 to 100GB and run mostly on old u320 disks in raid 10 (between 4 and 14 disks in msa30's). But they can see heavy read action during certain times. Read action on the disks is almost always our main cause of bottlenecks.

So are these new P4000G2's any good for running databases and doing off site storage replication? How would they compare against previous generation DAS storage?
And how about using iscsi, will this cause latency when compared to DAS?
Or should I be focusing on EVA.


Peter Mattei
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Re: P4000G2 any good for databases?

Absolutely! The P4000 is amazingly easy to use and scales very well.

Read some whitepapers about the P4000 in the HP Enterprise Library http://h20195.www2.hp.com/V2/erl.aspx?cc=us&lc=en

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