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P6300 License Alerts

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P6300 License Alerts

Good afternoon.
I have a P6300.
Displays the message:
License Alerts:
HP P6000 Command View, HP P6000 Business Copy, HP P6000 Continuous Access and HP P6000 Thin Provisioning require a valid license key configuration to be in compliance with the end-user-license-agreement (EULA). See online help for more details.
HP P6000 Command View General License
Tell me please, how can I fix this?

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Re: P6300 License Alerts

obviously the license is not applied, consider to re-apply in cv.

Hope this helps!

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Re: P6300 License Alerts

I probably have a serious problem.
I included this EVA P6300 for the first time.
No documentation for the surviving.
I do not have a license file.
But there is a sticker with BBH.
The situation is very similar to here
and here
Links in this topic are not working.
Tell me please, where can I apply to restore the license for EVA P6300.

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Re: P6300 License Alerts

Did you find any solution?
I have the same problem except it says my instant on license was expired on March 1970! Please help if anyone knows the solution. Hpe asking SAID which I dont have, but I serial and part number labelled in the enclosure.