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P9500 Performance Advisor - Ghost Performance Reports

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P9500 Performance Advisor - Ghost Performance Reports

We have Performance Advisor running on a Virtual Machine and attached to a P9500 storage array.


I have a scheduled report that comes out every day at midnight - this works as expected.  This is the ONLY scheduled report that shows up in the report management page.


At 11:30am every day, I get another report.  I would like to stop that one but I can't since it doesn't show up anywhere in the Performance Advisor web page.


At one time while troubleshooting report generation, I created a report and scheduled it for 11:30am to see if I would get it as planned.  I deleted that scheduled report but apparently it is still stored somewhere and comes out faithfully every day at 11:30am.


Short of uninstalling the software and re-installing it - how can I get rid of this scheduled report?







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