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Poor MSA2324sa performance, benchmark tools only

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Poor MSA2324sa performance, benchmark tools only

Hey,  I have a C7000 chassis with 3G SAS fiber interconnect bays, connected to an MSA2324sa.   I've created asingle VDISK and created a VOLUME for each blade that has disk space assigned.   I'm only using 4 fiber connect cables plugged in A1,A2, B1 and B2 of the SAS SWITCH.   My O/S is 2008 R2 withSP1.


I'm trying to deploy using microsoft ADS and i'm getting awful performance.   I ran ATTO Benchmark tool and i get less than10mbps write speed.   The odd thing is if i simply copy a large ISO from the local C:\ drive onto the SAN disk it's blazing fast.. 1.5gbps and faster.   


There must be something different about the way windows writes, vs bench mark tools (and ADS).   I'm up to snuff on all the firmware... i'm a bit lost.  not sure where to go with this.

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Poor MSA2324sa performance, benchmark tools only


maybe when you write a big .iso - it is sequential write?
and the ATTO tool - is set to random read/write?

What kind of disks do you have? What kind of raid? Block size? Operating System patches? Drivers?