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Possible SAN bandwidth issue

Ronan Mc Sorley
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Possible SAN bandwidth issue

Im seeing a strange speed issue with Hyper V and some Guest OS' stored on the SAN.

If i try and dowload Ubuntu for example for the Hyer V server im seeing the transfer rate i would expect given our bandwidth but if i download the exact same file froma guest win 2003 box on the same hyper host it only downloads at around 50% of speed of first download.
The guest OS couldnt lose 50% could it?

i have now tried copy a file across the network on the hyper v host and on the guest vm and it almost exactly the same times, the guest os is about 50% slower than the hyper v for some reason. mus be somehing small im missing cause everything else if fine just nic performance

I believe this is now something to do with bandwidth on the SAN the SAN is and the guest os lives on HP MSA2312sa 3GB G2 SAN - HP StorageWorks MSA2312sa Dual Controller Modular Smart Array (LFF)

could that be the problem?

if so how can i fix it.

many many thanks in advance for any help or pointers.

Sheldon Smith

Re: Possible SAN bandwidth issue

So, transfers with the server are fine, but transfers with the guest are not? The SAN doesn't "care"; indeed the SAN doesn't even *know* about the guest. Sounds more like setting(s?) in the server to the guest that need to be examined.

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Re: Possible SAN bandwidth issue

Monitor the ports used by the MSA on your SAN switch and that will show if you have "bdandwidth" issues.

But the way you have described how you aer seeing these bandwidth issues is unclear. "download ubuntu"? -- from where?
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