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Present Business Copy Mirroclone vdisk to Red Hat

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Present Business Copy Mirroclone vdisk to Red Hat

Hi All,


Urgent help needed!! Customer is running Red Hat Enterprise v6.0 with LVM.


Can anyone please share what is the procedure to mount EVA BC mirroclone copy onto same Linux host with initiate the metatdata in the volume??





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Re: Present Business Copy Mirroclone vdisk to Red Hat

You'll need the vgimportclone command.


Please run "man vgimportclone" and read the description and example.


First, you'll need to present the mirrorclone LUNs to the host just like any normal LUNs, and have the host rescan the LUNs in order to find them. This is described in chapter 24 of the RHEL 6 Storage Administration Guide:




Once the disk devices are visible (through dm-multipath or another multipath solution, if necessary), it is time to run "vgimportclone" on the new devices. In this step, the clone receives a new VG name, so you'll be able to easily refer to it. Then activate the VG, create a suitable mount point directory (or directories) for the clone, and then mount them just like a regular filesystem.