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Presenting Disk space in EVA

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Presenting Disk space in EVA

After presenting Disk space from EVA, I go to my Windows 2003 Server and I am able to see the presented disk space, but when i try to format the disk space I receive a "operation timed out" error or\and  "This operation could not be completed" please see the log. 


Q:  How to fix this?

Q:  Where is the Error Log?


Q:  What is or could be causing it.?

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Re: Presenting Disk space in EVA

Install MPIO and the DSM if you haven't already.


Is your SAN / connectivity functioning properly?


Some more details would be useful or it's kind of hard to give you any specific hints.


Error log on the EVA is in Command View.

Error log in Windows is in the Event Log.


You could use your HBA's utility for some diagnostics (Qlogic's Sansurfer for example).

Re: Presenting Disk space in EVA

Have you tried to present the same LUN to different windows system?


Can you please attach the error screenshot?

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