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Priorities in EVA CA DR groups

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Ruben Renders
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Priorities in EVA CA DR groups


I was wondering if it was possible to change the priority in any way with HP EVA and Continuous Access.

We have two EVA4400 which replicate to eachother by using MPX modules. (Asynchrone replication)

Last time one of our MPX modules crashed and caused the logspace to fill up. Afterwards a full copy was required. The full copy replication take approximately 2 days. Is it possible to give our SAP databases an higher priority than for example acceptation environment. This data is more critical than all other data.

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Víctor Cespón
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Re: Priorities in EVA CA DR groups

Not automatically, but you can configure the DR groups to suspend on link down and then all will be suspended when link is restored. Then you can chose which ones to enable, letting them sycrhonize or do a full copy.

The EVA4400 with updated firmware performs a fast full copy, does not copy the full vdisks, only the parts that have been modified since the last syncronization.