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Problem with RSM Mirror Clones

Jake M_1
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Problem with RSM Mirror Clones

We have an EVA8400, and we use mirror clones. Each night at 03:00am we fracture the mirror.
The following morning at 01:00 we synch back again ready for another fracture at 03:00.
This is so we can instantly roll back to the previous day if we so require for any reason...

We have these scheduled set up within RSM, and have had no issues until 2 days ago when all 7 fractures and all 7 re-synch jobs started failing, for seemingly no apparent reason...

I attach a screen print of one of the failures.

Below is an overvier of the error messages I am getting... it doesnt seem particularly helpfull and there doesnt appear to be any other logs with more useful information...

#1)'Starting job JOB-001-Fracture Mirror Clones'
#2)'Job Started JOB-001-Fracture Mirror Clones'
#3)'Task FractureMirrorClones started'
#4)'Operation failed with exception: null ab0c72ca-7008-469f-937f-a2ac1c3bff5c'
#5)'Task FractureMirrorClones Failed'
#6)'Job Failed JOB-001-Fracture Mirror Clones'

Any advice would be greatly appreciated