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Re: Procedure to swap R1 drives with larger

Mark Arnold_2

Procedure to swap R1 drives with larger

Hi All

I have:
- DL380 G6
- P410i controller
- running ESXi 4.0
- 8x72Gb SAS drives in 4 R1 volumes

I need to increase the size of one R1 volume by replacing the drives with 2x300Gb drives. What's the best way to do this? I've thought of two possibilities:

Hotswap drive 1, allow rebuild
Hotswap drive 2, allow rebuild
Use vSphere client to expand existing volume

Am I right in thinking I can hotswap non-failed drives like this?

Down the system and swap both drives
Power up, create new R1 volume
Restore data from backup
Reinsert original drives in case of failure

Am I right in assuming I can reinstall the original 72Gb drives in scenario and my volume will be back up? If so I favor this method for safety sake.

Any other better procedures? Comments?

Mark Wibaux
Trusted Contributor

Re: Procedure to swap R1 drives with larger

Option 1. Sort of.
Firstly you will need to make sure you have the cache option for the controller as otherwise you cannot do an online array expansion.
If you do then
a. swap disk 1, rebuild
b. swap disk 2, rebuild
c. boot to array management software (either SmartStart or BIOS)
d. Expand logical drive into new free space on the array.
e. Boot back in to ESXi.
f. Using vSphere client add an extent to your existing VMFS datastore using the free space now available on your rebuilt array.

Option 2. In theory the restore process of putting the old disks back in should work, however I wouldn't guarantee it.