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Query on San Storage

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Query on San Storage

We have Metrocluster cluster with CA-EVA and brocade san director.
As well as MC-XP (xp12000) in same brocade san director.
DC SAN switch 1 is direct ISL with DR SAN switch 1 and
DC SAN switch 2 is direct ISL with DR SAN swicth 2. Trunking is enable for both.
We have direct connection between DC and DR san switches, connected with a dark cabling.

Now we are geting error messege in server for CA-EVA and suggesstion came from hp to set some setting in brocade switch as per below....

To set this parameter, the switch needs to be disabled by using the switchdisable command. (Host I/O connectivity will be affected.) To enable the switch use the switchenable command.

Typing aptpolicy 1 enables Port Based Routing . This is required for Continuous Access EVA. Typing aptpolicy followed by return shows the current policy set in the switch: *******

Now my query is this aptpolicy change is going to make any impact on exiting CA-XP ?

Please help me on this....Since our set up in under production so I am not able to take any changes before clarify.





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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Query on San Storage



make sure you actually use exchange based routing, it's a switch setting so check on all switches.


After changing from exchange-based to port-based the path that frames take over the SAN will be different(static and less bandwidth may be usable) after you change to port-based routing. If this is important to your CA-XP traffic I do not know.


Newer versions of EVA (0953xxxx XCS) support exchange-based routing when using HP SCSI-FCP as the data replication protocol (see HP EVA continuous access implementation guide). But if you have an xp12000 perhaps you have an older EVA as well.