RAID 1+0 in MSA1500

Ángel Gutiérrez Rodrígu
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RAID 1+0 in MSA1500


We have a MSA1500 with 3 RAID 5 and one RAID 1+0 logical drives. Yesterday we had some kind of electrical power glitch that affected it; drives remained mounted but any access was impossible (I/O error).

We rebooted the node and rebooted MSA1500. Everything seems OK (all DSA20 disks are green as the MSA LEDs).

RAID 5 ones work fine. RAID 1+0 can be mounted and we are able to see the former directories but we have no info in them.

I append the ADU output where some errors can be seen.

Are those errors only logic? I mean ¿Can it be solved just recreating the volumen/logical drive?

Is there a way to recover the stored information?

Thanks in advance.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: RAID 1+0 in MSA1500

All logical drives appear in OK status, no failures. No errors on disks for years.

The only hardware issue are the batteries on the MSA20:

Array accelerator status:
Temporarily disabled
Batteries are not fully charged
Battery pack 1 not fully charged
Battery pack 2 not fully charged

The fact that you can mount the LUN and see directories means that there's a filesystem on it. There's no way any hardware failure can alter a LUN in a way that it only deletes files and not directories.

I don't know what filesystem is being used on that LUN, and the MSA1500 does not know either and does not care. Try with a file recovery utility because probably the files alre already on the disks, but filesystem has been corrupted.