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RHEL 5.5 not seing presented volumes

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RHEL 5.5 not seing presented volumes

When I present a new volume to RHEL attached through a fibre channel connection, I echo the scis id, LUN, and host bus adapter to /sys/class/scsi_host/host[01]/scan and multipath can then see the new volume.  I have another C7000 with BL460c G6s attached to an MSA2324sa through SAS switches.  I presented a new volume and tried to do a similar thing using /sys/class/sas_host... instead.  That didn't work.  So, I tried scsi_host - still no go.  I worked with Red Hat for over a week on this.  They insisted the sas_host methodology was correct.  However, there is nothing under /sys/class/sas_host, nor is there anything under /sys/class/scsi_host.  So, I just gave up and tried to reboot.  It not only did not find the new volume, it lost the current volume.  Multipath isn't seeing anything.


When I reboot the server, the P700m controller says it sees two logical drives.  However, if I hit F8 and attempt to view them.  It says there are no logical drives.  It also reports no physical devices.


Not sure where to go from here.  Any suggestions?