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RSM Host Agent on HP-UX

Bhavnish Kamboj (BK)
Trusted Contributor

RSM Host Agent on HP-UX

I have RSM software installed in my environment from long time and today I was adding one more HP-UX host in "Enabled Hosts".

I installed RSM Host Agent 5.2 on HP-UX successfully and installation was successfully and both services of RSM running on system (wd and rsmha)

But in RSM Software when I try to add the software it resolves the host name successfully but says credentials error "Invalid Credentials".

But credentials are correct as I am logging to system with same ones. I am adding the user with "root" user account.

I was going thru the installation guide of RSM HA on unix system and it says while installing first time it will ask

"Do you want to enable host-based authentication for this replication
host agent?"

Bt in my case it didn't asked anything like this. Seems I need to create some group manually and then add this root user in to that but not sure about group name.

Thanks in advance for help.