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RSM/SSSU Job Scheduling

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RSM/SSSU Job Scheduling

Hi All,

After suggestions on how to best schedule a snapshot job with 28 days retention. Currently we have RSM jobs (not very well written though) that do a fine job of creating snapclone/snapshot and automatically recycle them after every 7 days (7 jobs - 1 job scheduled for every day of the week). Now, with 28 days of retention and recycling regime, I am unsure whats the best way of configuring these jobs. Ofcourse, the intent is to avoid creation of 28 RSM jobs as the scheduling of RSM jobs are kind of limiting in that you could specify only a) to run every x number of hours b) weekly schedule. There is no starting date and the ability to say "start this job on a particular date and then run it every 4 weeks".

I am also interested to see if there is a simple way to convert the RSM job in a batch file and then use the advanced Windows Scheduler options.

All suggestions are welcome.