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RSM Snapshot Host Volumes

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RSM Snapshot Host Volumes

Hi Guys,
I was hoping someone would be able to help with an RSM Question.
We are currently running RSM 5.1 and HMA 5.1 the latest.

I am trying to shapshot a new file server i am building and produce the luns at my backup server.
The Host EVA is an 8100 series and the VD's are part of a DR group

My job is as follows

$source_hostvol_unc1 = SetVariable ( "\\aunsgdcfil01\E:\" )
$source_host = SetVariable ( "aunsgdcfil01" )
$mount_host = SetVariable ( "nswsdc12s" )

ValidateHostVolume ( "\\aunsgdcfil01\E:\" )

Here is my problem

$Rep1 = SnapshotHostVolume ( "\\aunsgdcfil01\E:\", DEMAND_ALLOCATED, RAID0, WAIT ) onerror continue

The error is
No storage volumes found for host volume \\ansgdcfil01\E:\.

Object not found. While listing storage volumes for host volume.
task SnapshotHostVolume Failed
No storage volumes found for host volume \\ansgdcfil01\E:\.
Under Enabled hosts the Virtual name and physical servers are all ticked green and i can see the volumes under the virtual host volumes tab related to the virtual server name.

If anyone is able to help i would really apreciate it
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