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Raid manager upgrade

Prashanth Waugh
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Raid manager upgrade

Dear All,


Could you please provide me the steps for raid manager upgrade on hpunix 11 .




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Re: Raid manager upgrade

Hi Prasanth ,


1) take the old raid manager backup

2) Confirm that HORCM is not running. If it is running, shut it down:

One RAID Manager instance: # horcmshutdown.sh Two RAID Manager instances: #

 If RAID Manager commands are running in the interactive mode, terminate the interactive

mode and exit these commands using -q option.

3. Move to the directory containing the HORCM directory (for example, # cd / for root directory).

4. Copy all files from the installation medium using the cpio command:

# cpio -idmu < location of RMXP (/tmp/RMXP)


after that verify using below command

raidqry -h






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