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Recommendations, opinions for Storage EVA6100 2C8D

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Recommendations, opinions for Storage EVA6100 2C8D


I need a recommendation for the following:

I have a HP EVA 6100 storage with 8 enclosures.
This Storage Is populated with FC disks of 15k rpm. I have 80 disks of 300 GB and 146 GB disks 32.


What recommended that:

*one diskgroup consisting of 112 disks?


*2 Diskgroup s one of 80 disks of 300 GB, and another one from 32x146GB.


Thank you



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Re: Recommendations, opinions for Storage EVA6100 2C8D


First of all you should spread the disks across all enclosures before you initialize the system to get best redundancy.

You can create one "big' disk group but the spare disks will be from the largest disks (300GB) and the 300GB disks will work twice as hard because they will have double data than the 146GB.

on the other hand for each disk group you "loose" 2 disks for single protection level.

but it depends on what is important for you.

Best practice is to create two disk groups because of different sizes of disks but the EVA will tolerate one big disk group and will work fine too.