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Re: Replace battery of eva 6400

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Replace battery of eva 6400

I have an EVA6400 (HSV400), one of the batteries of the cache controllers is in fault.
I tried to replace it with one with the spare number 512735-001.
I bought 3 batteries but none of them appears in good condition.
The P/N is the same in all (AD262B), and the only difference is the Rev in the original is D4 but in the new ones it is A3.
The new batteries are refurbished, I do not know if there will be any expiration mark.
You could help me.
Thank you


Re: Replace battery of eva 6400

Before plugging in new battery do check the failed battery and controller contacts physically.

Using a flash light, check for any moisture, dust, or corrosion. If the physical contacts are good and no corrosion, the battery might have failed load test. Replace the failed battery assembly and the battery assembly that has been in the extended load test cycle, and then restart the controller and check the status.

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