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Replacing battery cells on EVA batt. modules?

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Replacing battery cells on EVA batt. modules?

I'm trying something.... I have two bad battery modules on my workshop EVA4000 and I replaced the battery cells inside the modules. This is basically no problem if you know to solder. The cells are available at good electronics stores.

But... it seems the "new" batteries are not accepted by the EVA. After a couple of hours they are going to yellow and failed in CV-EVA.

Does someone have information if there is a date stored inside the batt module that must be reset after changing the cells?
On the old HSG80 systems was a command to reset the battery date. I used to repair those modules too.

Cost saving is $50 for new cells versus $700 for a new HP battery.
I think for $650 saved per battery this is worth to find out how it works :-)

Any ideas?
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Re: Replacing battery cells on EVA batt. modules?

the EVA store te number of bateri module and mark it as BAD module. you need to find who is stored the batery number ... and try to remove ... but i don't now how make it.

good look.