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Requesting sanity-check on plan for MSA2000 consolidation

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Requesting sanity-check on plan for MSA2000 consolidation

Hi all, would appreciate casting of expert eyes over my plans to move a number of direct-attach MSA2012fc units & their servers to a dual-switch fabric (using 2 x 8/40 base switches).

Having previously created an EVA/cClass switch-connected environment the only thing I'm really not 100% clear on is the whole active/active redundant paths side of things with the MSA2012fc.

What I mean is, best practice dictates that I should have single-initiator - single-target zoning (which I'm happy with) so that says to me that I should zone a swith to allow port 1 of a host to talk to port 0 on MSA controller A and port 1 on MSA controller B.

Conversely port 2 of a host should talk to port 1 on MSA controller A and port 0 on MSA controller B.

All told, hosts will ultimately be a mix of EXS4 and Win2k3/Win2k8 clusters and LUNS obviously mapped to only allow comms with the relevant ESX or Windows clusters.

To that end, I've come up with the following logical zoning commands. Do they look about right to the gathered experts? (Obviously fake WWPNs for now).

Note that I got the WWPNs of the MSA using the "show port-wwn" CLI command as I couldn't find them any other way, only being able to find controller-specific WWNs.

(First on Switch 1)

#First create Server Port Aliases:

aliCreate “Server1_P1”, “00:01:02:03:03:05:06:07”
aliCreate “Server2_P1”, “10:11:12:13:13:15:16:17”

#Then create Storage Port Aliases:

aliCreate “MSA1_CA_P0”, “C0:C1:C2:C3:C3:C5:C6:C7”
aliCreate “MSA1_CB_P1”, “FA:FB:FC:FD:FE:FF:FG:FH”

#Then Create Zones containing/grouping aliases:

zoneCreate “Server1_MSA1_Pri”, “Server1_P1; MSA1_CA_P0; MSA1_CB_P1”
zoneCreate “Server2_MSA1_Pri”, “Server2_P1; MSA1_CA_P0; MSA1_CB_P1”

(Now on Switch 2)

aliCreate “Server1_P2”, “0A:0B:0C:0D:0E:0F:0G:0H”
aliCreate “Server2_P2”, “1A:1B:1C:1D:1E:1F:1G:1H”

aliCreate “MSA1_CA_P1”, “DA:DB:DC:DD:DE:DF:DG:DH”
aliCreate “MSA1_CB_P0”, “E0:E1:E2:E3:E3:E5:E6:E7”

zoneCreate “Server1_MSA1_Sec”, “Server1_P2; MSA1_CA_P1; MSA1_CB_P0”
zoneCreate “Server2_MSA1_Sec”, “Server2_P2; MSA1_CA_P1; MSA1_CB_P0”


Does my logic look sound?