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Required help to learn SAN


Required help to learn SAN

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Actually I am new in SAN.And I want to learn about SAN.Can you guys send me some .PDfs for the same.Actualy I dont have SAN environment but I want to learn via PDF in virtual environment, it is possible ?

Please guide me how can I setup my virtual SAN and how can I start to teach my self about SAN.

Please provide me Materil for the HP SAN certification.........
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Re: Required help to learn SAN

Brian M Welch
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Re: Required help to learn SAN

Perhaps in the HP curriculum you could have access to a SAN, but to my knowledge, there's no virtual appliances out there. There are some open source SAN products you could use, like Openfiler and Freenas that can get you up to speed with the concepts, but HP's interface is much different.
Patrick Terlisten
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Re: Required help to learn SAN


you can play with OpenFiler, and OSS filer distribution, that supports iSCSI. With this and some linux or windows guests, you can play with iSCSI in a virtual enviroment.

Playing with Fibre-Channel requires corresponding hardware, like fc-switches, disk-array, HBAs, cables etc.

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Re: Required help to learn SAN

Hello Vadher,

General SAN pdf from Brocade;


I found it very useful.

more pdfs at the bottom of this link.


Hope this helps

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