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SAN Director


we are using Brocade 48000 SAN Director Could you please provide me Fabric Manager User Guide which mainly uses Web Tools to manage the switches

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Re: SAN Director


With Brocade SAN switches the free GUI interface is Web Tools. Brocade Fabric Manager is a product you must install under Windows and there is a charge for it.

Beginning with Brocade fw 6.1.1 Brocade has moved some features of WebTools and migrated to the free Brocade DCFM (Data Center Fabric Manager) Professional. The Pro version has limited features, especially for working with more then one SAN switch at a time. DCFM Enterprise versions must be purchased.
So in short you have WebTools which is part of the Brocade firmware itself. Then you have the older Brocade Fabric Manager and the newer Data Center Fabric Manager programs that must be installed under Windows.
Hope this helps.