SAN IOMeter results


SAN IOMeter results



Searching this forum I noticed that many like to use IOMeter to test you servers I/O with SAN. Results seem to vary depending on how test was done.


So I desided to put my Servers on EVA4000 and EVA4400 against my laptop and a single standalone server. My laptop has  250 GB Sata II disk, the standalone server had 60 GB SAS drive, EVA4000 has 146 GB 10K FC and EVA4000 has 600 FB 10K FC.


The results puzzle me. My laptop beat them in reading from the disk. How come this happened. In writing the server on EVA4400 washed board as expected. I ran the same tests with same settings in all servers


Read tests results




Write test results




What kind of settings you use for testing?

This makes me wonder if there is something wrong with resutls or disk IO on my servers.