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SAN Storage

Dear Team,


We have HP SAN storage 3TB size . connected with HP Enclusor c7000 serious Via FC ports  . and we have 6 Blade servers ( BL870 ,Bl460)  . i would like to learn how to create V-disk , how to present to ghost and how to replication to DR site .


Any virtual software is there for SAN storgae ? or how can i learn very fastly . this hardware device very new for me.


Advance thanks





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Re: SAN Storage

Might need a little more info here.  And it's probably not the right forum for the question.


It may help if you tell us what storage array (EVA, MSA, etc) you're using, then we may be able to point you towards a forum that may offer some assistance.


Hope this helps (if only a little).



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Re: SAN Storage

What you ask it's not easy to explain quickly, and more less, lear quickly.


But in first.

1.- The blades must be installed MPIO.

2.- In you command View you must register you host.


It's the previous.


The point one, i suppose it's easy for you.

Install-WindowsFetaures Multipah-IO


The second point it's less easy.

You must known the id of you HBA's WWWN & WWWPN.

You need access to the switchs connected to your HBA's, and be sure that EVA switch can be asscessibles from your host.



This explanation is very briefly. but it's de absolute first explanation. what you must do.