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SAN Storage

Dear Team, We have HP SAN storage 3TB size . connected with HP Enclusor c7000 serious Via FC ports . and we have 6 Blade servers ( BL870 ,Bl460) . i would like to learn how to create V-disk , how to present to ghost and how to replication to DR site . Any virtual software is there for SAN storgae ? or how can i learn very fastly . this hardware device very new for me.

Advance thanks Subash



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: SAN Storage



please tell us which SAN storage you have.


As you're talking about vdisk it could be perhaps an MSA2000/P2000 or an EVA/P6300.

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Re: SAN Storage

The question is far from being clear ...

What storage arry you have? Do you have 2 of them (DR site?)?

What do you want to achieve exactly?

Hope this helps!

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