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SAN Zoning on Cisco switches

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SAN Zoning on Cisco switches


I am very! new to SANs and could use a little help.

I have dual EVA 4400's with 8 CISCO MDS9000 fabric switches (4 each), I have a blade server that I need to present a vdisk to, but the host cannot be seen by one of the EVA's,

I figure this is a zonning issue since it can be seen by one of the EVA's but not the other. Can anyone explain or point me in the right direction on how I go about setting up a new zone for the host, I have access to the switches through Cisco Device manager but once logged on I do not have a clue how to proceed!

Rajiv Kulkarni
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Re: SAN Zoning on Cisco switches

To understand the issue:

1> There are 2 EVA 4400
2> One Blade Server Host
3> The blade server host is not seen by the other EVA

Question: How did you confirm that it is a zoning issue ?

when presenting the Vdisk to host, the HBA WWN isn't visible in CV EVA ?

You may have to use Fabric manager to create a new Zone and activate the zoneset.

please see attached screenshots where I've created a zone called MSA_Zone in VSAN0001 and activated it.
kris rombauts
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Re: SAN Zoning on Cisco switches

Have you tried entering the missing WWN of the host's HBA in CommandView manually instead of choosing it out of the drop down box ?

I recently had the same issue (not in a Cisco SAN) and only saw the WWN of a server HBA in one half of the fabric but not the other half, so i only saw one WWN of a dual port HBA card of that host. After manually adding the missing WWN it all worked fine. I have no explanation for it, but if you try this, you can rule out if you really have a zoning issue or not.

Just a thought ...