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SAN extension over 88 km

Oleg Mochkin
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SAN extension over 88 km

Hi, I need to implement a EVA Continuous Access between two sites over 88 km distance.
There is single-mode 9/125 fibre from local site to remote site and the SAN switches is HP StorageWorks 4/16 SAN Switch (A7985A)
What is appropriate solution?
As I know Finisar CWDM SFP Transceiver FWDM-1621-7D-xx can work up to 100km.
It is possible to install such SFPs into SAN switch to linking two sites?
Or WDM-box (MUX/DEMUX) is required even I don't need to have many channels in one fibre?
There is second path to remote site, 9/125 fibre, distance is 34 km.
Is the simplest way to use Long Wave 2Gb/s (35 km), p/n 300836-B21?

BR, Oleg.
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Re: SAN extension over 88 km

To your first scenario, no you can't put CWDM SFP transceivers in a regular Brocade SAN switch. Check out the quickspecs:

For the second, yes long wave SFPs are ideal for that solution and if the fiber run is clean you could even go further than 35km. Make sure that you have the distance measured by the people who installed it and not drawing a line from point A to point B. You never know you could have ten kms of fiber spooled up under the road somewhere.