SAN update

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SAN update

Hi guys,

Does anyone of you have a best practice document on how to make a safe update of SAN :
EVA with continuous access

a step by step description process will be dreamfull and helpfull ^^

Steven Clementi
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Re: SAN update

I don't think there is a document such as you seek, but rather several documents that together... would give you the information you are looking for.

None-the-less, the process would go something like:

1. SAN Health Check: Using available utilities, gather information about your SAN. Storage Arrays, HBA models, SAN Switches, Drivers, firmware, etc.

2. Check with SPOCK to see what the latest versions of all your hardware is.

3. Plan out your upgrade systematically, doing the less or no impact upgrades first (usually software... Array managers, Switch Management software, etc)

4. Full Backup!!!

5. Get your SAN Switches up to date. Generally speaking, older array firmware and hba firmware/drivers will work with newer SAn Switch firmware. Let the environment settle in.

6. Update your Storage Array(s), hba drivers and firmware.

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Re: SAN update

Thank you