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SAN upgrade milestones / upgrade path?

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SAN upgrade milestones / upgrade path?

We have a SAN containing: HP EVA 4000 with FC & FATA enclosures, Blade 20p-g3 servers, GbE2c switches, Brocade 4G for p-class switches (see attachment about FW & drivers versions).

The firmware and drivers used on this SAN are all of old versions and now we need to upgrade due to a new hardware SAN extension. My problem is with the upgrade order / path. I need some help in choosing the right order in this upgrade; for example, should i follow this path:
1- GbE2c, 2-Brocade 4GB,3-EVA Controller FW,4-FC-FATA disks, 5-HBAs FW, 6-HBAs drivers & MPIO ?

Some more questions:
1- GbE2c switch (current 2.2.0): can i upgrade in one shot to the latest one (

2- Brocade 4GB san sw (current: 5.0.16): path to the latest one?

3- EVA & command View: we have the procedures.

4- HB FW (current: 1.43): is there a supportability matrix between the new revisions of HBA and Brocade SW FW?

Thanks for your support.
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Re: SAN upgrade milestones / upgrade path?


See this forum thread from a couple of days ago: http://forums.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/questionanswer.do?threadId=1398743

You need to upgrade in steps. To get the 6.0.0c you need to contact HP Tech Support.