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SLES10 SP3 and MSA1500

Axel Dunkhorst
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SLES10 SP3 and MSA1500

Hello to all,
we are using Novell OES2 SP1 as a virtual xen machine on a Proliant DL380 G5 with SLES10 SP2 in Dom-0.
The Proliant uses 2 AE311A HBAs to connect to a MSA1500.
In order to update the virtual machine to OES2 SP2 I did an update of the Dom-0 to SLES10 SP3.
But now the device mapper is not working any more (dmesg says "device-mapper:table: 253:0: multipath: unknown hardware handler type").
We use the firmware 2.12 on the AE311As for which the Release Notes say: "Beginning with RHEL 5 U3 and SLES 10 SP3, the following arrays are not supported: MSA1000, MSA1500, EVA3000, EVA5000."
Do we have the device mapper problem because the MSA1500 is no longer supported?
We bought our MSA1500 two years ago for at least 5 years of usage with Novell OES!
Who quitted support?
HP or Novell?
Thank you very much in advance.
Best regards
Axel Dunkhorst
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Re: SLES10 SP3 and MSA1500

After applying the patch according to RHEL 5.0 bug report 475967 (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=475967) in /etc/multipath.conf the devices are mapped again.