SNMP agent on XP24K

Nick M_1
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SNMP agent on XP24K

Hi I want to set up SNMP alerts to trigger from a XP24K SVP when thin provision thresholds are reached (alerts to go to HP SIM). Initially I want to enable SNMP agent on the XP24K SVP. I am aware of two possible ways of doing this, but I would appreciate advice from storage admin’s on the correct way of proceeding because it needs to run properly in production.

There’s a HP document called XP24K SNMP Agent Reference Guide that refers on page 14 to enabling the SNMP agent feature and specifying an ip address for the SNMP manager server. This is would be done via the Remote Web Console

A HP consultant has also suggested the XP24K SNMP agent needs to be enabled via the SVP / service processor. I’d need a HP engineer to do this for me because I am not allowed to access the SVP. I am told the HP engineer would need to enable the SNMP windows operating system service before the SNMP process will start. The HP engineer might also be required to load some software to enable the process.

Please could you advise what the correct process is to enable the SNMP agent on the XP24K SVP?