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SNMP monitoring for EVA6100

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SNMP monitoring for EVA6100



I want to configure the EVA6100 to send SNMP traps to a SNMP Trap reciever on the network. I am ableto configure this option in command view.


I need to discover the EVA from my managemt Software - i am having issues with this as the EVA does not have a IP address so i can not discover it..? 


Is there a way i can do a SNMP walk to the EVA?


Currently i have configured HP SIM to forward SNMP traps to the SNMP trap reciever and this is working fine. 


I wanted to de-commision the HP SIM server.



Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance..

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Re: SNMP monitoring for EVA6100

All the SNMP related activities are done on the command view server, not on the eva directly.


I assume your HP sim server reports eva related issues directly to hp support. Keep this in mind!

Hope this helps!

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