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Seeking a HP EVA6000 Tsar/Guru

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Seeking a HP EVA6000 Tsar/Guru

We are seeking the assistance of a HP EVA6000 Tsar/Guru to help us resolve a serious issue that has resulted in 140 virtuals servers being disconnected from their storage at our Acute Hospital site.


Please contact chris.johnstone@glos.nhs.uk

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Seeking a HP EVA6000 Tsar/Guru


there's a few of them quite active on this forum.


I could perhaps help, but I'd prefer if we kept the conversation here so that more people could chip in, help or learn from your issue.


If you want to continue here, I think an overview of the system (drawings showing connections and components for example might be  helpful). Of course a description of the problem would be a good start.


If all lose access I'd sy that the problem is likely to be on the EVA. Look through command view to try to find errors.

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Re: Seeking a HP EVA6000 Tsar/Guru

Hi Chris,


Did you get your EVA6000 problems sorted in the end?


If so, do you know what happened to cause the problems?



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