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Shadowing two MSA iSCSI SAN’s

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Shadowing two MSA iSCSI SAN’s

I’m assessing the possibility of increasing redundancy with another SAN. My student organization has a virtual infrastructure with a single MSA2312i SAN (AJ800A) hosting cluster shared volumes (CSV) and quorum to two separate clusters, both running Hyper-V on win 08 R2 sp1. The same SAN is also hosting a few other LUN’s that are “pass-through” for VM’s. All of the LUNs are on the same virtual disk, RAID5.

This is our only single point of failure and we are considering buying another SAN to increase our redundancy and storage space. However none of us are actually it-professionals and are uncertain of how this should be done.

Is there a way to shadow/mirror only the CSV and quorum LUN’s so that these can failover without the clusters operations being interrupted? Do I need extra hardware, features or licensing to make this work satisfactory?

Can supply more info about our setup if needed.

Grateful for any tips!