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Re: Smart Array 1000 - discovery tool?

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Smart Array 1000 - discovery tool?

We had a power outage, and our San was turned off ubruptly. It happens to hold shares for our Exchange server, so our morning isn't going so well.

There was a previous admin who didn't leave any details on how we could connect to the San for administration, and I can't figure out what the IP is.

We also tried to connect to it via serial cable/hyperterminal, but apparently it reques a special cable...


If anyone can offer some assistnace on what type of tool I would look for, whether it would be web accessible, or what specific cable I would need to console into it, I'd appreciate it.


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Smart Array 1000 - discovery tool?

Hi, I presume this is the MSA1000. You need a special RJ45z cable to get into the console. It doesn't have an IP. If it's the MSA1000 you can only manage it from the console (RJ45z) or via ACU. HP's Array Configuration Utility. If I recall correctly then you would do most of the management via ACU - the RJ45z / console is mostly for diagnostics.

Normally it's the server connected to the MSA1000 is where you need to run ACU. If the server doesn't boot you can boot the server with the smartstart CD and find the ACU in there. The MSA1000 can come with a few different types of modules at the back (fibre channel switch would be the most common but could be SCSI or other things too).