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Snap clone load on EVA4100


Snap clone load on EVA4100

If I use sanpclone, to presenet a new VDisk to backup server, in EVA4100,
Is anyone know anything about its load on the EVA controller ?
I have many problem whith the speed of this device as a SAN storage and I'm
in doubt is it usefull to get the BC license for my backup solution
Steven Clementi
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Re: Snap clone load on EVA4100

Snapclone will do a block for block copy of your existing vdisk. It takes a bit longer to complete.

Another option would be to do a snapclone, if you are just doing standard backup's.

You can probably get a temporary license from HP to "test out" how it will work out.

You mention that you have problems with speed... can you be more specific?

How are your disk groups configured? How many disks?

Are they all the same size/speed?

What OS? Whats the firmware on the EVA?

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