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Steps to wipe EVA6400

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Steps to wipe EVA6400

Hey all

We recently acquired a large quantity of servers and storage-hardware, including an EVA6400. Since we have no need for this storage system, it was decided to remove all old data on it and sell it in bulk.

I never had any contact with EVA systems before and am somewhat lost at the moment. What are the necessary steps to take, to sell the system including all disk enclosures and the original disks, without releasing any possible data?

After looking at multiple installation-instructions and guides, as well as images of the system when it was still in use, and considering the original cable harness that gave me some ideas on what elements were connected, I believe I came up with the way to place the parts in the rack and connect all the needed cables between the controllers and the disk enclosures. Could someone check my attached image and tell me if this seems right?

If i power on the system, the disk enclosures display some kind of index-number on their back but mixed up (it was not documented, what part was installed in which rack unit). Is it necessary to rearrange them in the original order? If so, can anyone tell me, considering my jpg, what number should go where?

As far as I know, I also need a management-server with Command View installed. I prepared a server with 4 fibrechannel ports and 2008 R2 installed. Am I at least on the right path, or completely wrong?

Any help is apreciated, thank you very much.