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Storage Career SAN or NAS

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Storage Career SAN or NAS


I am working as web infrastructure for last 5-7 years on different flavors of Unix and dealing with different web,app servers and other products.

I am thinking to switch my career to Storage SAN. Do i need to go for training in SAN and NAS as well or SAN only should be sufficient ?

Is NAS having better job prospectus compared with SAN ?

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Re: Storage Career SAN or NAS

the answer is "SAN"........think big....make it big....cheers ..n all the best !!!!!
Tom Nieman
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Re: Storage Career SAN or NAS

In my opinion NAS is an important subset of SAN and as such you should know about it. Specializing in NAS is very valuable in my opinion if you choose to stack up vertically on it.

For many years it was difficult to find NAS expertise in delivery at HP. Engineering was very good and the support centers had good people but Installation and Startup was weak after a few key individuals left for other opportunities.

I say that just to highlight the notion that NAS skills may be a little bit taken for granted as a piece of the role of storage/SAN consultant. Again, just one mans opinion.

Good Luck... Now close this thread and go a chat room so we can keep this forum a little more useful to more people...
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