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Storage Migration - HP EVA CA and Oracle RAC

Philip Teale

Storage Migration - HP EVA CA and Oracle RAC


I am in the process of migrating from an old EVA4000 to a new EVA6400. We have migrated most of the systems that had storage presented from the EVA4000 with the exception of our Oracle RAC databases and wanted to check to see if anyone knew of any gotchas before we proceeded.
We are using CA to replicate the LUNs that are presented to the Oracle cluster. My plan is to shut down the database and all associated RAC services, disable CRS then halt the servers. I will then present the CA replicated LUNs to the servers and initiate a failover. I will then restart the servers and check that the LUNs have appeared from the 6400 before manually restarting CRS and the databases. I will then re-enable CRS before rebooting again to check that everything comes up automatically.

Does this sound correct? Has anyone done this before?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Storage Migration - HP EVA CA and Oracle RAC

Sounds fine. Since you are not really in a DR mode there is no need to "failover". After you shut down the databases and servers just use CV to remove the Vdisks from the DR group, Keep the remote members(these will be your new production disks) unpresent from the 4000 and present the replicated LUN's to the 6400 with the same LUN order. Just be sure to uncheck the read only tab from the Vdisk on the 6400 side when you present.

Good idea to wait and verify the Vdisks are properly presented before starting up the app.