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Storage: Tell HP what to change

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Storage: Tell HP what to change

I apologize in advance if the below posting is not 100% relevant to this forum, but since we are concerned about HP storage, I feel that it is worth the intrusion to give you a way to be heard by HP.

The HP user community Connect, via it’s Storage special interest group, has a responsibility in a partnership with HP to advocate users' storage issues, concerns and suggestions to HP. The Storage SIG will discuss what we should present to HP as part of the Storage SiG meeting at the HP Technology forum in Las Vegas at 5PM Tuesday, 6/16.

To get an issue on the discussion list and to rank previously submitted issues please fill out the below survey by Monday, June 15th. Answers will be posted in summary form, although key comments might be presented without attribution.

The survey can be reached via the below link


Also please consider joining the Connect Community

And our Linkedin group, “Connect HP User Group - Storage SIG”

Thanks in advance,
--Gary McCready
Connect Storage SIG chair
check out evamgt.wetpaint.com and evamgt google group