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Hi I want to know how to upgrade the firmwaree of the brocade SAN switch. 8/24
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Re: Storage

Download all needed versions, put on a ftp server and run "firmwaredownload" from switch.
Upgrade step by step, e.g.

6.0.x -> 6.1.x -> 6.2.x ...

Hope this helps!

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Re: Storage

if you have a software called SANLOADER, it will be easier since it sets up its own FTP server. If not:
- Setup an FTP server, maybe on your laptop
- Backup present configuration using "configupload"
- Download the required firmware to your laptop
- run firmwaredownload from the switch, in the parameters mention the firmware is on your laptop

- Do one fabric at a time.
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Re: Storage

Also, the HP StorageWorks B-series Data Center Fabric Manager software can also provide a repository for your firmware, and provide an FTP server and interface to upgrade switches.

You can download the Professional version at

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Re: Storage

8gb switches support the 6.3.x firmware as well.