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Tape SCSI descriptor change - windows platform

tze chuan
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Tape SCSI descriptor change - windows platform


OS: Windows2008StandardR2
HBA card: Brocade
Tape library mode: MSL4048, LTO5x2
Backup Software: Atempo Time Navigator
The server HBA 1 port direct connect to a SAN switch, MSL4048 2unit of LTO5 FC drives also connected to the same switch.

The backup software Atempo Time Navigator detect the drives with a certain SCSI descriptor, however, in some situation repeatedly, the SCSI descriptor changed, and hence the backup software level needs to reset the tape library interface. It is intermitance, and hard to simulate back since sometimes reboot it change, sometimes it dont.

Is that the SCSI tape reset problem? IN Emulex i know there is an option to disable the SCSI Reset for Tape, but this HP DL380 server comes with Brocade HBA gives the above mention problem. Please help