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Transfer licenses between SAN switches

Rick Greene_1
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Transfer licenses between SAN switches

We have four 4GB/32 Port SAN switches.

Two have the Trunking license, two do not.

Due to architectural needs, we would like to transfer the Trunking licenses from the switches that have them to the switches that don't.

Anyone know how we go about doing that? I tried searching the knowledge base but didn't come up with anything.
James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Transfer licenses between SAN switches

Hello Rick,

I don't think you can "transfer" the license.
What you can do is have the license migrated.
Talk to your local technical Engineer.

My 2 Cents.

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Re: Transfer licenses between SAN switches

Hi Rick, the answer is, This cannot be done. Each license is generated from a key using the WWN of the switch so is unique to every switch, the only time a license is re-issued to another switch is when a replacement switch or mainboard is sourced from the manufacturer, then the database will allow you to enter the old and new WWNs and will generate a new key. If the 'new' WWN is not on the database as an OEM replacement then you just get an error and no key is generated. This is to prevent more than one switch using a licensed feature. Oh and you have to return the faulty one.
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